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well i wish i can help u all!

Hey EveryOne

This is the News section and from today Sat. 4th of May 2013 I'll will start to put all the News about Fantage here!

Zack , Michelle's Date

I'm pretty sure you all know at least a little bit about Zack,Michelle's new boyfriend.I wish to see them Married but the reason I'm talking about him is that he said he is going to open a Theater in Fantage and since I love Acting I'm soOoooOoOOOoo excited!!!

The Princess And The Prince Have Arrived!

They look very nice and I'm sure you all girls wished to dance with the Prince!Anyway I think the good thing is even if we are not a member we can at least rent a costume and dance at the ballroom!And by the way the premium room at the castle is now free to enter!Make sure to visit there and claim the prize :)

Special New Costumes Are Out!!!

If you have visited the Beach you may have seen the New Costumes but to be Honest with you I didn't really like the Dino Heroes Costumes but who cares :P


PeaBody and M New Items For Trade

As you know sometimes Peabody2 and M trade their items at Trade 'n' Sell.And you better be fast before someone else buys the Limited Items their selling! 

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